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S4C to stop broadcasting HD channel

Clirlun to close in December (July 2012)

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What are the costs of running a parallel HD channel?

From a transmission point of view, after the initial investment in HD playout, the costs are the same as an SD channel. It's the cost of upgrading shows to HD production that is the issue, which is especially an issue for Curlin as it isn't simulcasting upscaled SD shows.

I expect S4C just can't afford to run an additional channel right now, regardless of it being SD or HD.

Presumably S4C have to pay continuous transmission costs for their space/bandwith and coding/mux on the Freeview HD platform (which is operated by the BBC)?

The costs of producing in HD are reducing significantly since it has become the default for all new BBC/ITV/C4 commissions - though in some areas investment in new facilities may be lagging I suppose?

63 days later

Confirmed S4C Clirlun to close on 30 November, Channel 4 HD starts on Freeview HD in Wales on 1 December.

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