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Steve in Pudsey8,453 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
In other countries they've put "HD" in a channel name even if the first language isn't English, haven't they?

Certainly in France and Switzerland for example.

In those cases, HD stands for Haute Définition.

Bit of a fudge though - wouldn't the words usually be the other way round, adjective after the noun?
Write that down in your copybook now.
Richard654 posts since 22 Apr 2012
Granada North West Today
High definition in Welsh would be Diffiniad Uchel or DU for short. The only compilation with that would be S4C DU would read as S4C Black to those that don't understand the capitalisation of DU with out it being D.U.

Using S4C HD wouldn't work (for obvious reasons as HD means nothing in Welsh).

S4C previously used Clirlun for HD.

Which I think means "clear view"
Silver Nemesis374 posts since 9 Mar 2008
Granada Wales Today
S4C HD will launch on June 7th.

Will it replace the SD version at 104/117 on the Sky EPG, like BBC, ITV and Channel 5?

On 104, yes it seems: http://www.a516digital.com/2016/05/s4c-makes-return-to-hd-broadcasting-in.html (NB 117 is C4 SD). With the recent addition of C5 FTA, that leaves BBC2 Wales as the last of the main five channels in Wales to not broadcast in HD.

Should be noted S4C HD - for that is indeed what they're calling it, no translation or revival of Clirlun - won't be on Freeview this time (for now at least), nor on Virgin except for the Euro 2016 games (some kind of temporary red button deal perhaps?)