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Gary McEwan3,028 posts since 23 May 2011
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Not outside Wales it isn't

Regardless of being outside of Wales or not it's still a PSB. What is your problem against the Welsh?

It only has PSB status in Wales

Any proof of that or are you just blowing hot air?

Oh and by the way, this comes from a consultation from OFCOM...

Yes, we broadly agree. S4C is a PSB established, by statute, specifically to serve the
Welsh-speaking community. It serves this particular audience both within Wales and,
nowadays, across the UK.
dvboy8,851 posts since 11 Jan 2003
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He's gone quiet now.

I took the time to read over his older posts - there's a background of Revitt having a position against the promotion of the Welsh language.

Fair enough everyone is entitled to their view, but that doesn't mean Welsh language programming shouldn't be available outside Wales, just because it's not Wales.
steddenm1,316 posts since 11 Oct 2004
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Nid oes dim byd o gwbl o'i le ar yr iaith Gymraeg, a chredaf fod S4C yn darparu, nid gwasanaeth yn unig yng Nghymru, ond i'r holl siaradwyr Cymraeg yn y Deyrnas Unedig yn ei chyfanrwydd, yr un fath รข BBC Alba yn ei wneud ar gyfer yr iaith Aeleg.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Welsh language and I think that S4C provides, not just a service in Wales, but to all the Welsh-speakers in the United Kingdom as a whole, the same as BBC Alba does for the Gaelic language.
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