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The highlight is when they shut down for good.

i know that's tv is not the best local tv channel but give it a chance

They've had a few years already! How much longer do they need? They've even come out publicly and said they're not interested in making great, or even watchable TV, it's all about generating material to send to the BBC to get public cash for doing as little as possible.
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There is undoubtedly an opportunity of sorts for any savvy self-starting journalists at any of these channels. I've seen one or two go on to bigger things as they were left to do their own thing and essentially build their own showreel.

Journalism is far from a risk-free profession though, and it's just going to take someone without any experience who decides to go for a really controversial story without any oversight to land this station in the ****.
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I’m probably not missing much, but is it transmitting on Freeview? I’ve been trying to view the channel since the weekend, and each time I try, all I get is a black screen.

The all the local multiplexes apart from Dundee changed frequency between August and October due to the 700Mhz clearance programme.

Black Hill is now on UHF 30, Craigkelly on 32, Darvel on 31 and Durris on 41
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Yes, you'll need to re-tune. Do so at your own risk though, I saw the "news" the other night and am still cringing.

This was the day Edinburgh launched a public consultation on it's proposed tourist tax, a big story locally, except on That's TV which chose to lead on a new exhibition at a tourist attraction. The story was covered later though, 20 seconds 'in brief' with no-one interviewed and stock shots of the city chambers spoken over.

A later report featured some performance artists doing a show somewhere (clearly looking for free publicity). The report started with the reporter being heard saying "Please tell me your full names for the camera", then "so what's this all about then?" prompting nervous laughter from the interviewees. The report finished "Okay, I'm just going to switch this off now."
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