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What absolute bollocks.

What a wonderful example of respectful conversation, good work.

My point about this being what the BBC is there for is not to undermine local broadcasting, it is to enhance it. As far as I'm concerned, local is a huge opportunity for the BBC, because there's nothing more public service in this era when commercial broadcasters are after scale (because the market is utterly fragmented).

My logic's quite simple. If commercial broadcasters want to network everything from London and fail to provide local content then fine. But they should concede the path for the BBC to fill that gap. Hyper-local websites, more local television, local radio stations that serve everyone over 35 (with a new national service spun-off from Radio 2 for over-65s - because as it stands the BBC just shunts older people into the local radio bracket because they don't have another station for them), the works. Radiocentre can sod off and local papers will be dead in 10 years anyway.

Now obviously this comes from a position of best case scenario, and the BBC is as prone to budget cutbacks as everyone else. But even if basic constraints were removed from the BBC and they were allowed to provide a local radio service which encouraged personalities backed up with a fantastic news service, that would be better than trying to force local TV operators into doing their piss-poor publicly funded one hour a night.

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Rijowhi fantasing about slashing regional TV yet again, this time axing completely what is often the highest rated show outside the soaps on weeknights. That doesn't save the BBC a penny - indeed makes the other bulletins less financially justifiable.

Most people who are interested in local news are catered for with the few minutes of local content served up by their regional bulletins - where they know reports will be of a high standard and even if not local they won't be unbearable to watch.

I did say the savings wouldn't be much! However I was looking at also trying to keep the competition's service going too...I must admit though I think you are right when it comes to the other bulletins.

The other option to keep (and increase) ITV's Regional offering is (in my opinion) allow a merger between ITV and Channel 4 (especially if the BBC lose their Licence Fee...but that's another point). It would be a mistake for ITV to kill off one of their USP's...

As for Local TV, let's see what happens if all the groups merge...I doubt much but you never know!
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