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Very rare you find anything earlier than Series 6 on Dave so series before that will be a more challenging find unless buying DVD's is an option.

Fun fact: The first episode of Not Going Out aired on the last full day of the 'Rhythm & Movement' idents before being replaced by the 'Circle' idents the following morning.
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It was the Gavin & Stacey press screening today and it had a fantastic response from everyone.

It's a co-production between Baby Cow, James Corden's Fullwell 73 and Ruth Jones' Tidy Productions.

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Can't wait, and rewatching the series on the iPlayer from the beginning is a real treat aswell. They probably should have given it a rerun on BBC1/2 in the run up too - the BBC need to be smarter with repeats rather than just use Mrs Browns Boys and Would I Lie to You as filler all the time.
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