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A couple of first impressions from watching the RWC coverage last night & this morning.

I didn't expect RTÉ to have a virtual studio in place for this RWC tournament. It's a very good set design as it's nice & big but I didn't expect it to look very dark. The inclusion of Jamie Heaslip being used as a analyst for today's match with Stephen Ferris & Eddie O'Sullivan has proven to be a very good start. He has become a real asset in being a rugby analyst when he joined the rugby coverage on Channel 4 when doing the European Champions Cup & Ireland Rugby Internationals. His analysis on RTÉ2 has been really good today when doing debates with the other 2 analysts & the presenter Daire O'Brien.

I had a look ITV's RWC titles last night on ITV HD. It looks so damn good on the big screen. The animations from it are beautiful. The slower pace of World in Union was nice to hear as well. Their own set design is really nice & bright with their use of pink, blue & white. I did not see a wide angle shot of the set this morning because I only saw a shot of the desk with Craig Doyle & the rest of ITV's analyst's for the Ireland v Scotland match just before they were changed for the England v Tonga match. ITV's match graphics look nice. The bit that caught a bit of familiarity is when the strap on the highlights said Coming Up France v Argentina. The way that lower third graphic has a very similar design template to ITV News at Ten which looks very useful in that instance.

The official match graphics for the RWC by World Rugby look nice. There was a nice use of green & blue in the Ireland v Scotland match. The other graphics like the possession/territory & the scoreboard etc look nice too. One small little problem is when I was reading the lower thirds with the player names for each team displayed; I couldn't read the typeface off them because they look so damn small. You would probably need a pair of binoculars to try & read them off the screen if you are not careful. Everything else looks good though. Some of the official match graphics were in use from RTÉ's virtual studio from coverage of their match this morning. They looked really well when displayed as the team player's name underneath the players.

When I looked at WR's official RWC titles this morning. The logo at the end of it looks absolutely enormous on screen. When ITV's efforts in making the titles are observed; their logo is smaller because it includes NZ All Blacks Captain Richie McCaw standing beside the Web Ellis Cup. It was a sensible thing to do that because the AB's were RWC champions last year.

In summary it's a pretty good effort to date from ITV & RTÉ in their coverage of the RWC this year.

I will look forward from more of this stuff when it goes through the next 7 weeks.
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Yes, that graphic is way to small with 7 or 8 names across the screen, though have seen that in another package and though small it was legible.

ITV not using the world feed line up graphic as far as I've seen so any caps would be appreciated. The only time I've seen team line ups sneak through after the post-anthem break they've been in the lower third style.
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ITV not using the world feed line up graphic as far as I've seen so any caps would be appreciated. The only time I've seen team line ups sneak through after the post-anthem break they've been in the lower third style.

I’m not sure there is one apart from those lower third style ones - at least not on the actual feed, though I have seen RTÉ use one in their pregame.

Eir Sport incidentally are using a rather nice title sequence featuring a rugby ball opening up like a flower and flying down Mt Fuji. Now if I didn’t know better (and it didn’t have an “eir Sport presents” at the start) I’d swear it should have been the world feed titles - it even has a “(C)RWCL 2019” tag under the full screen logo at the end just like the world feed titles.
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UTV Newsline
Here's a few videos of RTÉ's RWC studio.

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The last time STV had their own pres for any Scotland game at RWC was a 05:15 kick off in 2003. Jim Delahunt hosted from Glasgow, and STV actually took the world feed, not the ITV commentary. I got up for that game, and it was interesting to note that STV had no studio pundits, so at half time, Jim Delahunt did all the analysis, and gave out fixtures coming up. Not a bad effort from a man whose first sporting love is Horse Racing!