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Wiganboy1 post since 30 Dec 2012 new member
After the latest Christmas 'Special' does anyone agree its time the Royle Family abdicated?

It started out as one of the funniest programmes on TV but it had a large cast of characters who were all integral to the show. This latest offering was made without Nana, Anthony, Mary, Cheryl, Twiggy, Darren, Emma and 3 grandchildren. What we saw this year was little more than a handful of characters, forced one-liners and schoolboy toilet humour.

No more please!
TVN661 posts since 25 Jul 2005
I thought the first part was OK but it went rapidly downhill.

Perhaps it is time to put this one to bed, which would be a shame.

None of the Christmas specials have had me in stitches from what I remember, and I certainly found the original programme entertaining.
DJ Dave1,729 posts since 4 Jan 2003
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Nanna Died a while a go in it, Twiggy has died in real life, Emma was meant to have split with Antony a good while back and I think Mary died in the last Christmas episode?

I do agree though it is not a patch on what it use to be, with Antony's band Exit Very Happy
itsrobert6,010 posts since 23 Mar 2001
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I wholeheartedly agree. I adored the original three series of The Royle Family, but I've not been able to stomach any of the Christmas episodes in recent years. I seem to recall watching the first one they did as a comeback - The Queen of Sheba, I think. I didn't particularly enjoy that one if I recall correctly and I have never watched a new episode since. I've heard plenty of people moaning about it, though.

I saw the trailer for this year's offering and it appeared moderately decent so I thought I'd give it another go. I think I lasted all of ten minutes. Like you say, it was filled with crude toilet humour of the silliest variety. As soon as they started talking about Dave's "dickie", that was it; I switched off. It's nowhere near the programme it used to be. It used to be a strikingly good show which perfectly captured northern family life. It was funny because it was real - we saw the Royles doing and saying what we do and it was funny. But this year's episode was crude and unfunny. It was just low class gutter trash.
Put The Telly On (previously nok32uk) 9,177 posts since 23 Feb 2004
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I agree, it's got silly now. Here's what I put in the Christmas TV thread...

Well, did anyone see The Royle Family? I know it was dedicated to the great Geoff Hughes but the script was just awful, it's definitely lost something now. It's like they've taken the observational quirks out of it which made it great and written in deliberate "jokes" which just meant it didn't flow. I don't like the way they've butchered the character of slow-Joe either.

What did everyone else think? Or were you all watching Downton? Wink

Was this the episode that was written last year but they got it in to the schedulers too late or something? Was Twiggy's part taken by the new girl (Sharon?) ?
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Definitely time to rest it - or at the very least bump it from Christmas Day. This year the first half wasn't too bad, but why they made the second half pretty much all about Joe, a minor extra at best, god knows because the show really suffered for it. If they cut all that out and edited the rest down to 30 minutes it probably wouldn't have been to bad, but only one or two of these Christmas specials have been any good.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
rdobbie401 posts since 21 Jan 2003
Here's what I put in the Christmas TV thread:

I also thought it was fairly poor, by Royle Family standards. The show's original magic was thanks to its subtlety and realism, but over the years that's slowly given way to exaggeration and absurdity (Denise and Dave "forgetting" to pick the kids up from school - again, and the whole Joe storyline). And there was too much repetition; the line "vacant lady wanted" was funny the first time but not the 10th time.

On the positive side, I thought the new character Cadgin' Carol from next door was brilliantly written and well observed (because I've had the misfortune to have known people exactly like her). And I do love the way the house has never been improved after all these years, still bearing the scars of the aborted attempt at stripping the wallpaper from an episode 12 years ago.

Just to add, upon a second viewing, there's some abysmal continuity in the scenes between Joe, Jim and Barbara from 16:00 - 19:00. The pink envelope tucked into Joe's cardigan changes rotation and position 8 times; prime fodder for Robert Webb's next "TV Mistakes" series on BBC Three.

I genuinely didn't realise that the Royle Family was so heavily edited together from so many different takes; I thought most scenes were largely a point-and-shoot executed in one take. Or maybe it used to be like that but not any more.
Larry the Loafer4,846 posts since 2 Jul 2005
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I genuinely didn't realise that the Royle Family was so heavily edited together from so many different takes; I thought most scenes were largely a point-and-shoot executed in one take. Or maybe it used to be like that but not any more.

I think it was only since the specials started, considering the show once won an award for Best Editing. I started noticing this at the end of The Golden Egg Cup when Barbara smashes the egg up - in one shot, Jim's hands are on the arm of the chair, and in the next, they're on his lap.