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Rome: Wed 9pm BBC2 / Sun 10.55pm BBC1

Do you agree with the BBC cuts? (November 2005)

all new Phil Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
noggin posted:
Yep - DEFT-style 3:2 pulldown removal to convert a 60i film VT edit to a 48i VT (which is then replayed at 50i) is the best ideal. (DEFT was the original Snell and Wilcox converter that removed 3:2) I wasn't saying it was unusual for shows to be shot film (or 24p video) and edited on tape - more that it was unusual for 3:2 pulled down 24p 60i transfers NOT to be DEFT transferred. However for some reason this isn't always done.

Examples of non DEFT 60i to 50i conversions include the BBC broadcast of season 1 of 24. The BBC weren't supplied with a DEFT 16:9 version - they got a straight 60i to 50i conversion - with all the motion artefacts this would generate. Similarly some of the Sky Star Trek;TNG stuff is not DEFTed - though this may be because some of the effects were done using 30p or 60i video rather than in 24p - so the 3:2 can't be fully unpicked.

Well I'm glad you've made that a little less confusing for us all.
noggin Founding member
Glad to help... or not...

BTW Rome apparently got 6.6m viewers overnight - which is a very healthy figure for BBC Two.
Hatton Cross Central (West) Midlands Today
I watched the first five minutes and thought...

"Hmm - stop gifting material to the new series of Dead Ringers".
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Wasn't overly impressed!

As someone said despite the edits, it was still slow paced. I'll give it a couple of weeks though till we get to the original edits.

Also, the sex and gore element had been so overplayed - nothing we hadn't seen a million times before.

6.6m though very good for BBC2 - but can't see it lasting, though if they lost half the viewers it would still be a hit for BBC2!

12 days later

Are there any differences between the wednesday and sunday night showings?
Matrix London London
dodrade posted:
Are there any differences between the wednesday and sunday night showings?


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