fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
Charlie Wells posted:
Mel's mind appears to have slipped/wondered during part of today's show...
"You can email us at 5 o'clock at itv dot cum <pause> com"

The show does appear to be improving compared to the first couple of shows. Or maybe they've just relaxed a bit more and a bit less scripted.

After watching the majority of them, the programme as greatly improved.
I personally don't know why people don't like it, the show is all about fun and celebrating the wierd trates and findings of this nation and our world, as well as trying to help people out.

I'm not sure if it is because viewers didn't like the first show or first week.

I'd personally love to see a 2nd series as I don't think that it's that bad at all, there are many, many, many more dire programmes on air that will most probably end up replacing it.