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First Sex and the City. Now Frasier. I was never much a fan of the latter, but did enjoy the former.

As we possibly learned from Will & Grace, revivals don’t always work perfectly well and are sometimes best left in the past.

I also hear some mutterings of a Rab C. Nesbitt revival. Although, given the recent developments on the writer front, not sure how that would work. Plus Tony Roper is nudging 80.

BOAF has possibly seen its last days, in view of very recent disclosures.

The question: can you name any revived show that was as big a hit or a bigger hit than it’s original outing?

I can only think of AbFab being even more popular in later life after being rested for years. And possibly Still Game.
rdd Founding member
Best example is probably Family Guy. Cancelled twice in its first three years. Revived and is running for 16 years now.

Battlestar Galactica? Not technically the same show, but the 2000s version certainly has eclipsed the 1978-9 original (and its own largely forgotten revival Galactica 1980, which did have the same production team and some of the same cast). Star Trek: The Next Generation similarly is much better known than Star Trek (1966), and had some of the same production team in its earliest seasons but no cast overlap save for guest stars.

Alas for how it abruptly ended, but the US version of House of Cards is also now much better known than the U.K. original. Again not probably what you are looking for in terms of same cast and production team.

Closer to home? Doctor Who, certainly when compared with how it rated in the late 1980s when cancelled, if not quite its 1970s heyday. Not the same production team and debatable as to whether it is the same show (although, as a continuation, the fandom has decided it is).
I seem to remember the Auf Wiedersehn Pet revival in the early 00s was pretty successful.

And not sure if Saturday Night Takeaway qualifies having had a four year gap between series?

There have been many terrible revivals though. One that springs to mind is The Legacy of Reginald Perrin from the 90s featuring the original cast, but notably minus the main character, which was pretty dreadful. And the less that’s said about the Martin Clunes remake, the better.
Cold Feet was a revival that did quite well second time well.
Neil Jones Founding member
rdd posted:
Best example is probably Family Guy. Cancelled twice in its first three years. Revived and is running for 16 years now.

Its another example of something that's probably been on the air too long to keep it as good as it used to be. The Simpsons is the same, the quality on that dropped off about 20 years ago but for some reason it keeps going and going and going... I don't think Family Guy rates anywhere near as good as when it first appeared and I believe its ratings have dropped below the point where it was dropped first time round but it continues to be recommissioned.

I can vision The Simpsons being dropped at some point and coming back 10/15 years later.
Sort of a revival but the pilot of Only Fools and Horses bombed when they showed the pilot. But due to a strike and a schedule gap in prime time it was shown again in a different time slot a few months/year later, became a hit and the rest is history.

The revival of Open All Hours did pretty well as I recall.

There have been mutterings of a reboot of The Brittas Empire, but sadly there seems no word on that.

The 2 reboots of Knight Rider bombed though, mainly because they had virtually no proper link to the original Hasselhoff era.
The best revival I can think of is Catchphrase. 35 years after it first aired, it still gets 5m on a Saturday at 6pm. I believe it’s also the longest running Gameshow in the UK.
I'm not sure about the Ab Fab revivals being more popular than the originals? Or do you mean it coming back in the first place helped its overall legacy?
First Sex and the City. Now Frasier. I was never much a fan of the latter, but did enjoy the former.

Should bring back Cheers instead, it was better than Frasier Razz
Well at least we know what Channel 4 will be airing for the next 20 years.
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The thing is that many companies are now "reviving" old shows that already had a simple conclusion to catch-up to the big leagues of Disney+, Netflix and Hulu/Star in some cases, bolstering up their launch line-up.

Ironically enough, last night Paramount+ held a conference and it didn't really have anything original on the grand scheme of things, not anything we didn't know about prior, just reboots on already existing properties and franchises. This included a new Beavis and Butthead film and a lot of Nick reboots, especially considering they've made a whole new studio just to make new Avatar The Last Airbender spin-offs. Odd.

It doesn't help the fact that ViacomCBS are still allowing content partners like Netflix to continue hosting their shows, almost choking Paramount+ from potential success. Yes, they've got SpongeBob, yes they've got CBS but at the end of the day is it really any better than a typical cable package? Consumers will pay with their wallets and if they don't want to, well... you know how the seas go from time to time.
Luther is the only one I can think of.

When Still Game initially came back it achieved decent ratings (some higher than before) but was helped by a network airing on BBC1. It had long since peaked in popularity in Scotland, which was during the second series dipping into the third.

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