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The Road To Coronation Street , the drama about the creation of Coronation Street , was first shown on BBC Four, but has been repeated on ITV3, and once on ITV after Tony Warren died.

As if having a drama about the origins of ITV's Corrie originally being shown on BBC Four weren't strange enough, there's also the fact that its principal star was an actress primarily associated with the BBC's own EastEnders!

(Jessie Wallace, best known for playing EastEnders character Kat Slater, played the part of actress Pat Phoenix (who played Corrie character Elsie Tanner between 1960 and 1984))

Yes - it was originally shown on BBC Four the week of Corrie’s 50th Anniversary - whilst over on ITV the occasion was celebrated with “the great big Corrie quiz” or similar, and a badly-edited copy of Episode One.

It just seemed so.... wrong.
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I seem to think that Channel 4 once showed the first episode of Corrie at some point in the 90s
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CITV launched a show in 2006, a cheap David Schneider vehicle (though I think he wrote it too) entitled Uncle Max. CITV only made one series of it. The entire show, format and repeat rights for whatever reason went to CBBC who made a second series of the show two years later and aired the CITV episodes too, iPlayer and everything.

Based on a comment I wrote on a discussion page on Wiki back in 2008, Rosie & Jim and Tots TV moved from Children's ITV and went to CBeebies, however these both may have only been format transfers and new episodes may have been made. Tots TV had a CBeebies web page of its own up until mid 2008 according to the Wayback Machine but I may have been mistaken about Rosie & Jim.