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Everything in parliament recently has been a farce.

BBC Parliament could actually be more entertaining than Comic Relief!

To a degree yes, especially in the aftermath of the Brexit deal votes in January 2019, and again this week, "The ayes to the right, the noes to the left.". That said, I've seen footage of that on news bulletins on BBC One, or BBC News Channel, not BBC Parliament.

Anyway, I hardly think BBC Parliament will be having anything to do with RND 2019. Comic Relief Does University Challenge will be on BBC Two from 22:00 to 22:35, the RND 2019 TV show proper (before and after the news) will be on BBC One.
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If you'd like to donate to Comic Relief at any point tonight, you can:
Call 03457 910 910
Go to bbc.co.uk/rednoseday
To donate £10 text YES to 70210
To donate £20 text YES to 70220
To donate £30 text YES to 70230
Texts cost your donation + 1 standard rate message. You have to be 16+ and please ask the bill payer's permission. Full terms are on the website.
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The set is incredible! It reminds me of the old days at Television Centre.

That is a good set. Was it last Comic Relief or Sport Relief that came from that dreadful location?

Comic Relief 2017 came from Building Six at The O2. It had a bar which meant annoying background chatter leading to Lenny Henry telling people to shut up.

It was less slick than recent years which is what a lot of people actually wanted, a return to the rough live broadcasting of the early years, but unfortunately a lot of the acts and sketches weren’t very funny at all, with very little reaction from the audience. All leading to a very dead atmosphere. (The choice of acts didn’t help - I like Toast of London but putting it on BBC One primetime was a bold move).
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