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Can we have a little bit of perspective here - people may not like Comic Relief, and you are not forced to watch it or donate. It is once every two years. One night, out of your lives every odd year (yes, I know Sport Relief and Children in Need is there too) but considering we have 363 other nights of each year not devoted to either Comic/Sport Relief or Children in Need, it is easy to handle.

£63 million was raised. That is what we should be looking at, and that is what we, as a country should be cheering about. This little nation of ours raises millions for people we will never meet, for countries we probably never heard of or know anything about, for people in our own country who need help. So when people knock Comic Relief, Children in Need etc, I say ignore the celebrities, and look at the money raised, and that is what is important.

So since November 2018, £63 million raised by Comic Relief on the night, £50 million raised by Children in Need. Over £113 million in just the space of four months! That is what this country should be proud of - stop the knocking, and be proud of what we did!
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Speaking of Elstree, the TV Studio History website says the lot work on EastEnders is shot in SD due to the dilipadated nature of the outdoor set- that can't be right, can it? Surely we'd have noticed if it was, it would be quite obvious. There is good quality SD upscaling these days, but you can still tell when something's in SD.
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Well Red Nose Day is all over and done with for another year. Quite frankly, I did my utmost best to avoid it like as much as possible yesterday. For starters, I didn't wear a red nose, or do anything silly with my hair and/or face yesterday. Although I bought myself two Red Nose Day 2019 T-shirts from TK Maxx (one with Mickey Mouse on and one with Eeyore on), I didn't wear either of those at all yesterday. Still I can wear those ordinarily in the summer. I didn't even one of my older Red Nose Day or Sport Relief T-shirts yesterday either.

Furthermore, just like in 2017, I didn't bother watching ANY part of the Red Nose Day 2019 TV show on BBC One last night (before or after the news). Nor did I watch any part of Comic Relief Does University Challenge from 22:00 to 22:35 on BBC Two. Having slavishly watched the Red Nose Day TV shows every odd-numbered year from 2003 to 2015, and each time, found them predominantly a load of stupidity and tommyrot, with hardly any pop songs, I made the firm decision not to watch it last night. The content of those years, particularly 2013 and 2015, was enough to put me off wanting to watch, in whole or in part, the Red Nose Day TV show in 2017, and again this year (2019). Having not watched this year's show, I can't express an opinion on it. That also explains why I wasn't here expressing my likes and dislikes about the acts / sketches that appeared as the evening progressed, and why I wasn't posting the amounts raised by, for example, TK Maxx (from the sale of RND 2019 T-shirts), Sainsbury's (from the sale of red noses, wristbands, etc) or the national running totals which must have been announced from time to time. Nonetheless, I've since looked through this thread, and noticed Josh posted the amounts raised by British Airways, TK Maxx, Sainsbury's, etc, and national running totals; thank you for doing so.

This morning I found out from the Comic Relief website and BBC Red Nose Day page that the official end-of-night total was £63,548,668. Well done to all those who helped raise that much money.

I wonder what TumbleTower has found to watch instead tonight?

Nothing actually. In fact I didn't power up my TV or video recorder at all yesterday. I'm very selective in my viewing.

Hang on. “BBC One”? “BBC Two”? Who are you and what have you done with Tumble Tower??
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This year's event was certainly not the best, but not the worst. The studio was far better than previous years and will definitely be a bar setter.
I do agree with others on the content being bad, but if you want something good, you have to have something bad alongside.
If we go back 10 years ago to 2009, £57,809,938 was the night's total, which is small compared to last night's £63,548,668. Overall, it was an OK night. 6/10.

(you're welcome TT for the running totals! Wink )
My tweet was read out on BBC Four's Eurovision coverage and Rylan Clark-Neal replied to it. That's all.
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Granada North West Today
From what I saw, most of the bits didn’t land for me, a lot of them weren’t even really comedy sketches (e.g. Top Gear prank, Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion). The Mamma Mia one in particular wasn’t very funny at all compared to the original. But they raised a huge amount of money for charity, the set was good, the BBC Two 10pm show was good (University Challenge), the presenters were good, Alan Partridge was obviously good. It’s just the other sketches that need improving.
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The reaction on Twitter proves people are thick and don't know what they want they just want to complain. 2 years ago it was a ramshackle car crash, this year it was too slick and stilted. Rolling Eyes
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Simple fact is RND brought in £63million thus it will not change,

I can understand some of the points, I never laugh any of the things. I do think there is something missing like comical things. I never saw what was funny about OFAH musical..

Yes it was edgy back in the day but but even in 1989 there played to Mainstream aswell: Ie there could do with a better mix.

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I think it really needs more live acts (speaking purely in terms of entertainment, this is). There was OFAH at the start, the Goes Wrong lot (I think), and that was it, wasn't it? I remember when you'd get 15 minutes of Russell Howard or Eddie Izzard live, and even a live TV Burp once (unless someone will now destroy my illusions and tell me that was recorded).

The random pair of presenters changing every hour is just so formulaic, and (with the exception of Sir Len) the lack of live acts does leave you with a vague sense that none of the big names could be bothered to turn up on the night - not that they haven't obviously gone to a huge amount of effort to produce their bits (ooer missus), but I'd much rather have Alan Partridge live in the studio. Or just have the usual presenters but doing something a bit different, like David Tennant and Romesh Ranganathan doing a live scripted sketch or something.

Or maybe I'm just old...