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The first Comic Relief was in 1986 actually (plenty of references to it on the BBC4 TOTP repeats last year), though it was just a pre-recorded stage show shown several weeks after it happened.

Wasn't called Red Nose Day in 86 though, that didn't begin till the first telethon in 88.
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The telethon event launched on Friday 5th February 1988. Originally the organisers had hoped to be like Children in Need and be an annual telethon, which is why they returned in 1989 for their 2nd Red Nose Day. However Richard Curtis and the organisers felt after the 1989 event, Red Nose Day should be a biennial event and that is why 1991 was the 3rd Red Nose Day telethon. Richard said the event was just too big to organise, and since money would be going to Africa as well as the UK, the one year break between telethons would be suitable, and that is how the every two year Red Nose Day started.

Comic Relief as a charity commenced in 1985.
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