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Asa3,298 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
Not possible.

TV broadcasts on a different (much higher) frequency than radio can pick up.

My old scanner (that's radio, not PC!) used to be able to pick the channels.

Cheers, Asa
It used to be possible in the old Black & White days when TV was broadcast on VHF and 405 lines.

I remember my Dad listening to World Of Sport footy results on his way back from a match.

Nowadays terrestrial broadcasts are transmitted on UHF which you can't pick up on a normal radio.
Gavin Scott8,284 posts since 23 Mar 2001
I bought a copy of the Official Star Trek magazine (the American version), and there was a full page ad for what looked like a rip-off of the BOSE Wave Radio. Made by Zenith it was a clock-radio device but could be tuned to TV frequencies - it claimed you could wake up to your favourite TV shows.

I guess they must broadcast NTSC signals at VHF levels? Either that or the radio encompassed a UHF receiver.

Sounded good though.

g. Wink