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Further rebanding of CBBC?

(January 2002)

Mich Founding member
stegranadaitv1 on 9:20 pm on Jan. 2, 2002
mphillp on 9:15 pm on Jan. 2, 2002
Also CBBC on One was extended to 6pm with the Ghost Hunter.

It's because Neighbours is on a two week break and but it will be back on the 7th at the usual times. Or they are getting fed up of showing the world's strongest man how old is that!

Erm I hate to tell you, thats a new competition every year! Anyway as that concluded yesterday they are just filling time, its all just part of not trying to catch up with Oz because they like taking 8 week breaks over christmas so all the stars can come over here and do panto!
Did anyone see the promotion clock go out in the middle of todays chucklevision in bbc1 at 15:56? It spooled forward then was slowly rewound until they eventually cut back to chucklevision!

oh how i laughed!
The BBC Will be 3 weeks 4 Days when Neighbours Returns in OZ.

OZ take 5 weeks off over Christmas and New Year, this year Friday 14th December 2001 - Monday 21st January 2002.
Cheesetastic on 10:54 pm on Jan. 2, 2002
Did anyone see the promotion clock go out in the middle of todays chucklevision?

Forgive me if I'm being stupid, but what's the promotion clock?
ohwhatanight Founding member
surely he means just like before every programme there is a 'clock' on the front stating what programme is to follow - there must be a similar description clock before a promotion?
moss Founding member
A VT Clock.

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