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tomo359913 posts since 18 Oct 2009
Border (England)
All I can say is... is that it?!

Seriously, that is really (no pun intended) poor!

At least the last look of the channel was unique and stood out. I infact quite liked the past presentation. This new stuff could be plonked on any old digital channel with their own logo slapped on and it wouldn't look out of place!
Paul Clark2,857 posts since 30 Sep 2004
HTV West Points West
Most of the negatives have been covered in this topic already, so to start with a positive:

The way the Over The Hump / Slinky ident has been shot actually seems quite nicely thought out... The other couple I've seen (especially On The Up) appear to be very close-up for a single shot.

And that's another point; while stylistically it isn't as unique as the previous comic-drawn look, the fact it's just one still shot - rather than trying to cram loads of action in with multiple camera cuts - has more in common with traditional ident direction than its predecessor, and in that single respect it definitely does more look the part.

If all the text that appears on the ident was downsized slightly and moved to the bottom so as to appear less intrusive, and the REALLY logo actually remained on-screen for the rest of the sequence, that could have worked better. With the logo only appearing briefly as it does here, once it's gone you're left looking at a scene that has no other device to identify itself. But of course, we've been here before with the ITV launch idents disappearing logo...

And last but definitely not least... Where's the music!? It feels incomplete without a soundtrack.

If there are some good ideas still to come in the remainder of the unaired idents, then this could yet be half decent or at least a hit-and-miss affair. But at the moment it's definitely just on the dull side; not a strong overall look.