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Meridian (South) South Today

UKTV have today unveiled a new look for their lifestyle channel, Really.

The refresh, which UKTV have told imediamonkey® is a “significant change” to the channel’s current identity, consists of 24 “vibrant” idents and four sets of menus.


Led by Really’s Marketing Manager, Kelly Denyard, the package was created by Red Bee Media – Denyard’s brief called for an energising, bold and honest look and feel that would bring the channel proposition to life and help shift viewer perceptions.

UKTV’s General Manager for Lifestyle, Clare Laycock, said: “This is a great step change for Really, which has grown by 30% on all platforms since it launched on Freeview in August 2011. The updated brand promise embodies how the programme schedule has evolved over the past year, and reflects Really’s remit to attract more shared viewing.”
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It looks like it could be a be sportswear brand. Also it eliminates the theory that UKTV would have new logos featuring a 3D version of their first letter. Good, I didn't see how it work for all the brands and I doubt they'd want to relaunch Watch again.