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I cannot be the only one totally confused as to why the BBC would publish something such as that? Can I?

The idea of the story is that people vote whether they should send a reporter to Macedonia... how utterly pathetic.
This is basically an arguement between the editor of the Today programme and a reporter.
What on Earth is the BBC playing at, asking members of the public to solve internal disputes such as this?

I'd expect a programme of Today's standards to have a little more credibility, and not to publish something so stupid and poinless as this.
It should not be the public's choice as to whether a reporter is sent to Macedonia. Why have the BBC felt the urge to get public opinion on an internal matter, which is what this should be.
This is merely more evidence of a long-term gradual decline in overall stardards of journalism in the media.

I believe the modern jargon for such phenomenon is 'dumbing down'.
I read about this in The Times Media Diary. It is pathetic. It's the type of thing that would appear ridiculous on GMTV even, but perhaps not the Big Breakfast!!