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DJ Sara Cox is being dropped from the Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Chris Moyles
lined up as her replacement, the station said today.

Ok I know it's Radio, but about time !

Bring back Noel !
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Now perhaps I will turn back to Radio1 in the morning rather than Galaxy or Digitally Imported.
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I'd rather die than listen to Noel Edmonds!

Sarah Cox isn't being dropped, she's being moved to a show that she can get up for! As any regular listener will know, she's hardly got the best attendance rate due to liking late nights too much! Being married to a top DJ (not the radio variety) she's probably asked to go on afternoons.

I think Radio 1 would rather of kept her on Breakfast and Moyles in the afternoon, but as she can't get up they only had one option.

I think she's really good - very clever and witty - and will look forward to listening to her on her new show.

Will they have Chris Moyles's Big Ones instead of Coxy's!!! He's got the breasts so why not!!!?
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Moyles said today: "I am really chuffed - I've said for ages that I am the
saviour of Radio 1, now it looks I am finally going to have the chance to prove
The exact date for the changeover has yet to be announced.
Cox - whose new slot will be 3pm to 5.45pm - said: "I have had a great time
doing the Breakfast Show over the last few years, but I have to say the thought
of finally being able to have a lie-in is extremely appealing."
Last year Moyles took a swipe at his Radio 1 colleague saying he could do a
better job in the prized slot.
"I could absolutely kick anybody's arse on breakfast, ever," he said.
He said he barely listened to her show, preferring to watch Channel 4's
But in the same interview he cast doubt on whether he even wanted to have a
shot at the Breakfast Show.
"Getting up at 4.30 every morning for a little bit more money and more hassle
and half a million more listeners - is it worth it?" he asked.
Moyles is renowned for his near the knuckle humour, laddish chat and his
appreciation of pub culture.
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No one said she had been dropped from Radio 1, just the breakfast show.
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TVmole posted:

No one said she had been dropped from Radio 1, just the breakfast show.

I didn't say anyone had said that she'd been dropped from Radio 1!

It's just the way you said she'd been dropped from the Breakfast show as if it was some kind of punishment for not being very good.

I think it'd be more realistic to say she's been moved so that she can make it to work on time!
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The fact that listener figures have dropped proves she is not very good.
It won't be long before she kills of the afternoon audience as well.
The swap takes place next January.
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Sounds good to me - although I'm so used to listening to Moyles in the afternoon that it's going to be a bit weird having him swap with Coxy! But he used to be fantastic when he filled in on Breakfast a few years ago, so I'm sure it's going to be great!

I was expecting Colin and Edith to get the breakfast show, but I'm glad it's going to be Moyles.
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They should put Cox on the early breakfast slot, Moyles in the main breakfast slot and Scott mills in the afternoon, he was good a few weeks back when Moyles was on holiday.

I used to always listen to the breakfast show when getting ready in the morning but within weeks of Coxy taking over I had to turn to the only other radio station in my area Gemini FM, I just find here so very annoying
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I think it would also be a possibility that Scott Mills would move to the afternoon eventually, he does do very well in the daytime. He's recently been away for two weeks [again], returning to his Early Death show this morning. Sure a lot of it's an entertaining act, but he does seem to be growing more and more tired of that slot and won't be long till his enthusiasm goes entirely.

He's also worse than Sara for not turning up, he doesn't go to bed till 1am and is then meant to be up again at 3am, and nearly always sounds rough as hell. I'd miss him, but Nemone does well in his place, she's perhaps the best of the replacements.

Most won't know what on earth I'm on about seeing as it all goes on at 4am but still.

Chris Moyles kinda relies on the set structure of his programme though and all the parts of it which listeners are familiar with. Presumably his whole show will have to be re-written, and will his full entourrage go with him.
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I think this is a good idea - Moyles needed revitalising. I think a wise move would be to reinstate seperate morning and lunchtime shows. Scott Mills ought to be doing what has been missing since Simon Mayo's departure. Jo whiley really is not suited to her current time slot. There is not enough energy there.

I also think Sara Cox should be doing 6-8, but there you go!