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Neil Jones3,693 posts since 23 Dec 2001
GoodDoctorClarkson posted:
If the news about Greg on Quizcall is true, shame that Quiz Call isn't on Freeview anymore.

So what's that on Five US (Freeview Channel 35) every night from around 1am then? Scotch mist?
nok32uk9,169 posts since 23 Feb 2004
I don't think you're missing anything.

It seemed Lee Baldry only got one correct answer on the "Fair play" tower game - 'Titanic (for 50 i think)' in the space of what must have been 2 hours!

Phone in quizzes are dying...thank goodness.
Johnny832,888 posts since 4 Mar 2004
RJH Glover posted:
Quote From Debbie King
Anyway , if you find yourself in at home next Saturday night/ Sunday morning from 1am then tune into the Mike Mendoza show on Talk Sport Radio 1089/1053 AM and digital radio, to hear me make my debut as his side kick! Check out www.themikemendozashow.co.uk

Source: Debbie King (MySpace)

Well at least she's seen sense & is moving away from the whole quiz tv fiasco. Greggles take note Wink