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a question about STV/grampian and UTV

(April 2005)

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
On a similar theme, do ITV control the digital terrestrial mux 2 in non-ITV PLC regions (i.e. Scotland / NI). I know initially Scotland had S2 and Northern Ireland had something like U2 instead of ITV2.
Half of Mux 2 was given over to the ITV contractor in their area (the other half to C4). Initially ITV seemed to assume they could put on it what they liked, and SMG and UTV decided not to play ball. UTV were never serious about TV-You, it was only there to stake a claim on the space. The ITV Sport Channel was not available in NI. Eventually a deal was reached, and ITV2 launched.

There are still no interactive services on UTV, despite them being promoted within ITV programmes shown on UTV.

Incidentally, the frequency of UTV Watch to Win competitions appears to have increased to the point they now appear in virtually every junction, displacing trails.
nwtv2003 Granada North West Today
As I've said before, when ITV2 appeared it was a Regional Network-ish. Granada, Carlton and UMN had ITV2 which was shown in their Regions, SMG had S2 and UTV had TV You, later UTV2, as it was a 2nd ITV channel it also carries GMTV2. SMG's service was a flop so they sold off to Carlton and Granada, same happened with UTV, so Carlton and Granada's ITV2 later went Nationwide.
Orry Verducci posted:
I understand that but, as UTV is part of the ITV1 network, they have to follow whatever ITV say.

I think you are getting confused with ITV Network, which is a group of companies which control Channel 3, and ITVplc who own the ITV regional licences in England and Wales where channel 3 is called ITV1.

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