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(June 2007)

I would hope so... you sound like a nice chap but don't talk bad of the forum! The forum is fine, we're just not assisting you with your vapourmagazine like you'd want us to. Grammar and spelling matters, just we're slightly pedantic when it comes to making sense. As for for phonetic humour, fine, just reads stupid if you use terms I haven't ever heard from anyone above 17.

I'll throw you a bone and tell you what I feel about boxing. Boxing for many is a sport of pugilism, two big sweaty guys seeing who can knock the other one out doesn't really match up to the genteel pretty of tennis. Tennis is a posh sport with training and balls, boxing can be done by anyone with a decent right hook even though wits count as much in boxing as they ever could in tennis and it's fair game to me that boxing gets pushed down the agenda unless it's a big name boxer. People don't care for boxing, it's a fine sport but it's sweaty, stupid and not really sport to many. Tennis is because it's always been one of quiet(ish) dignity and nobility, everyone aspires for that.
Peter Hobday
Nini - you know this forum pretty well? Is there anyone that knows TV from the other side of the screen?

Becuse I'd like to know if what I have been told is true: that most of the TV personalities used in countdown programmes are on a retainer for that channel.

So when they ask Claire Rayner about the Berlin Wall falling (100 most dramatic moments?) she simply saw it on TV like the rest of us and was only asked to comment because the BBC had her on an annual contract..

Just one example to illustrate industry practice.

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