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martinDTanderson posted:

Aren't both channels owned by Viacom.

Yes ... In fact I already answered that question about half way down the previous page.
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Well what about us here in Ireland that receive the Ireland and UK channels.
RTE1/BBC1 Eastenders
TV3/UTV/ITV1 Coronation st, Emmerdale.

To name a few.
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There was a brief period about 3 years ago I think where Granada Plus and Channel 4 were both showing Bewitched (Season 1 - colourised) episodes only about 3 episodes 'ajar' aswell.

*Anal point. Both used different edits where different parts wrre edited and at the time I wasted hours always trying to spice the bits together to make 'uncut' eps.

Have got the DVD's now tho so all those hours wasted.
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Brekkie Boy posted:
andy-tyne-tees posted:
Good ideas from both channels. When Trisha moved to 5, ITV showed classics at 9.25am and 5 showed new episodes. Didnt they..(few years back)!

I'd hardly call any episode of Trisha "classic"!

I was meaning for old repeats!
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Ironically BBC and ILR radio stations were forced to abandon simulcasting their programmes on both FM and AM so as to give listeners "more choice". Funny how things go....