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During 'A Bite of History' their was a break in the programme. With ' SOUTHERN END TRANSMISSON ' interupting a black screen with that on and some sort of TV colour card. With a beep noise and a woman saying ' This is line KRS ' twice.

It then cut to the secound part of the programme. Anyone else receive this fault?
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Mr Just posted:
Same in Granada, just posted it in another thread.

A guess.. that the problem is from Leeds. (I wonder if the Yorkshire feed is having the same problem.) since ITV London is playing out fine.
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It also occured on Yorkshire

What I believe it was was that Leeds failed to air their ad break in the middle of the regional programme so we were left with the default feed coming from London which is the KRS slide thing

It used to make brief appearances every now and then in the early days of national continuity
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KRS - means Kings Reach Studios, a name that Kent House aka The London Studios was originally going to have and many of the lines in and out of the place are still prefixed with KRS. Source

So the slide you saw will have been identifying a circuit out of the Southern Playout Centre on the South Bank.
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Funnily enough, I recorded both ITV West (off Freeview) and ITV Meridian (off Sky) to get both editions of Country Ways tonight.

You'll be pleased to know that I've watched both and neither of them had any problem.

It, therefore, appears to be a Leeds problem, as already mentioned.