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UTV Newsline
Great that after the events of the last couple of weeks the BBC have decided to give additional coverage to football.

To be fair to the BBC this was agreed by both parties the BBC and Premier League when the new set of rights was announced that the BBC would have a new midweek show which turns out is only a half an hour on BBC 2 and they are still covering less football during an average week than a couple of years ago when they had all their current football programming and the Football League/League Cup Show. Also despite the successful London and Rio Olympics for Team GB football which I thoroughly enjoyed (and do wish the BBC could cover more of these sports throughout the year) football is still the main sport of this country and many others whether we like it or not.
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Karthi Gnanasegaram's twitter feed has pictures of the new look Premier League News programme, looks pretty much like their main set pretty much dumped into their existing office space.
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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Sports sponsorship is a minefield. I'm always amused by how BBC Radio Leeds will refer to Huddersfield's ground as the John Smith's stadium, but always call Bradford's ground Valley Parade rather than the Northern Commercials stadium. Not sure whether that had something to do with Huddersfield's ground never having been known by anything other than a sponsor's name, or the local commercial station having been the first sponsor of Valley Parade so they chose not to use it.
Write that down in your copybook now.