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I really do love these idents and I like the music, but I can understand why some would like some addtional sound tracks to work along side that.

I thought the blocks were going to coloured. It's a shame he does transform in to the 4 when he does the end low pitch four score. Maybe 2017 won't be the worse year for pres.
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I'm liking them.. I like this concept more than the one they introduced along with the current branding,which was "too strange" even for Channel 4; it was obvious they wouldn't continue with that

Even if the concept resembles the E4 one a bit, the idents are different.. the E4 ones are much more, ehm.. "E4"

Now, they can work on more idents of this, IMO..
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Strange how they didn't go for that shape and went for the tall lanky version in these. The version of the first ident I saw on Core 4 has more to it than shown in the test video which seems to cut it of just as the 4 is about to roar.
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For those without access to Core 4...


As much as I like how Fourscore is being used, personally I think they're a little too softly softly. Also can't help but compare them to the current E4 idents and I don't know if that's good or bad.

Really not quite sure what to make of them. Trying to keep in mind they are test idents as I suspect the music may change for broadcast, and I'm not quite sure about the block man too. I think I like them but I think they'd be something to use for a year or two rather than long term.

A shame really they didn't build on the current set - two of the idents are superb (two are not!) and the concept was sound, but they just needed more of them - or even better just go the graphics route as they've worked well, especially the Christmas set.
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They're very E4 and i'm a bit bored of anthropomorphic logos but I quite like these nonetheless. They're certainly a huge improvement on the current set.
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I’m absolutely liking these idents - the branding feels much more ingrained than it was in the 2015 idents. Much less odd compared to the current idents, too.

The soundtrack is a nice nod to the original ident set in 1982, but as others have noted, each ident would need additional soundtracks to avoid a sense of repetitiveness. As they are test idents, there’s always the chance of soundtracks being tweaked before the block man idents actually go on air.

Overall - 4Creative has knocked up what is a nice evolution of the 2015 branding into something much more appealing and warm. And as for the block man, I’ve a feeling that it will grow on viewers much more compared to the current Channel 4 idents, which did have a slight pretentious feeling about them.

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