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Possible new CBBC idents

(August 2001)

andrew ralph1
I know there has been some people saying that they don't like the current CBBC idents and that they look dated/odd. My question is what style of ident/presintation would look good today.
In my opinion, I believe that CBBC should go for a very modern/futuristic look. They should turn CBBC in to more of a 'show' with music and entertainment. The yellow and black is horrible and old fashioned. The old logo was much better.
I agree, CBBC needs to get rid of it's yellow and black looks and go more futuristic, go more 21st Centuryish!

Even the CBBC website needs upgrading - the design is so bad!
Pete Founding member STV North Reporting Scotland
the webiste is terrible i aggree.

What they need is to alter the studio a little (maybe get a better video wall) and change the idents and astons to a fresh but modern look, i can't think of any at the mo but the yellow is definatly approaching it's sell by date

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