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I've just realised this thread is basically "so granddad, what were things like in the olden days?"

The fact some people consider 2000 the olden days makes me feel like I should just apply for my pension right now..

Just to date you further, the time span between TVForum's launch and today is the same as between TV-am's launch and TVForum.
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The biggest thing TV wise from a presentation point of view happened on 20th June 2000 in which there was a massive power failure at BBC TV Centre, the biggest casualty was BBC News 24 which was rendered useless for around 16 hours.

Whereas today News 24 ( in old money) is useless for about 16 hours every day....
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2000 was actually the year I got into TV presentation, thanks to getting the internet that year and finding sites like MHP, TV Ark and TV World. In the September I started keeping an "Idents Tape" which was a VHS of basically every bit of presentation on every channel, with the hope of eventually uploading it all onto a website which never happened. By the time I finally stopped in January 2002, I had four tapes of hundreds of idents including (I think) every single BBC1 balloon that survived the 2000(?) refresh.

Still some stuff on those tapes that I don't think is on Youtube yet, especially from the smaller cable channels like YCTV.
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