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I guess it's more of an argument to speed up the consigning of interlacing to the dustbin, it causes so many problems in the digital world. Of course UHD is entirely progressive (and aren't there some channels in Europe broadcasting in 1080p50 now?), but it's going to be a long time before anything approaching the majority of content is made that way. Of course, they could still mess up by incorrecly converting heritage interlaced content to progressive, but at least native progressive content isn't likely to get accidently filmised and won't have combing artifacts or fields shown the wrong way round.

We had the EastEnders repeats on Drama going out "filmised" for about 3 months, so it's the sort of problem that happens far too often seemingly without anyone noticing (or taking far too long till it is noticed).

Admittedly I did something similar editing a family wedding video a few years back, I had some footage with the fields the wrong way round. Admittedly I couldn't be bothered to correct it as the video took several hours to render and as it was only about 20 seconds of footage affected, I couldn't be bothered to go through all the rendering again. I would have done if I was making something in a professional capacity, of course.

It's a strange thing when I edit footage though, when I put the MPEG-2 files I've rendered of old VHS footage into Premiere Elements the fields come out the wrong way round and I have to swap them back, even though they're the correct way round when I play the files anywhere else. That's what caused said issue in the wedding video, I forgot to swap the fields back round for that particular clip. The footage in the editing preview window is 25p, so you don't realise it's wrong until you've rendered the full thing.
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720p50 should produce a decent HD picture indeed it’s used by European broadcasters I think it looks better then 1080i

Most European broadcasters who run 720p50 DVB transmissions to viewers at home still run 1080i25 internally and convert to 720p50 on Playout (or just before) - there is very little 720p50 origination in Europe.
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During the ITA/IBA era, were the ads subject to technical 'Code of Practice' ?

Yes, very much so. If fact the technical standards for commercials were set down by the ITCA. I have a copy of issue 2 and very interesting reading it makes too, it even goes down to recommended resistor values for the masking boards for using Eastman film on a Rank Cintel flying spot telecine!
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