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Do chris evans and billie piper have something to do with it Laughing Wink
Jack Carkdale481 posts since 23 Apr 2004
When I was at Sixth Form, the head of the Sixth Form was a woman whose nose looked like a pig's snout, and her hair wasn't so much ginger as orange, and looked like a wig.

So her nickname was "Pig in a Wig".

Needless to say, this ITVi promo made me p*ss myself laughing, because it reminded me of the above.

Glee. Laughing
cromerlad99 posts since 4 Sep 2004
Nick Harvey posted:
Nothing to do with the launch of all the remaining sub-regions on the additional transponders on Astra on October 18th then?
Nick, please tell me it's true...I'm gonna get Marie Ashby back on Central News??? - (Hey, I know it's been a sore point on this forum months/years?? ago) why with this news (and rocher) you are spoiling us Mr Harvey