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UPDATE: It's flagship newscast is streaming live again even as the channel itself remains off-air. It's running longer than normal (usually 75 minutes but today likely to exceed two hours). Other than that, it's like business as usual at the newscast and the journalists are in full force.
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BBC World News
The Philippines' House of Representatives dropped the provisional franchise proposal, and instead will go straight to the renewal of 25-year franchise.

Meanwhile, it looks like ABS-CBN's fate now lies with the Supreme Court.

That aside, couldn't the López family company shorten the network's name to, for example, 'ACB' (for Alto-Chronicle Broadcasting), or is it too late for that?

[ Edit: I mixed up the names of houses in the Philippine Congress. Corrected now.]
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Westcountry Points West
It's actually the House of Representatives that dropped the bill. But I am much more disappointed with the SC's decision to not issue an immediate TRO given that even if they decided to pass the provisional franchise, who knows what delays the broadcaster could face once the ball is in the executive branch's court?

An alternative ABS-CBN should consider is to make channel 2 free-to-air or free-to-view temporarily on satellite.