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Chris E213 posts since 15 Dec 2001
cwathen posted:

Rather oddly then, Paramount decided to withdraw Paramount Text and replace it with...Ptext, made by Intelfax, and crap.

As far as I know, Intelfax never operated Paramount Text, it was run in-house from launch until May 2004 (when it closed).

Although when it became a separate service as opposed to sharing with Nick Text, it was massively reduced. Initially they said it was because their system could only use pages 100-110, 200-210, 300-310 and 600-610...
Westy24,345 posts since 4 Jan 2003
DJGM posted:
Speaking of the old Paramount Text, one of it's most popular features, if not the most popular feature was Mailbox.
Aside from being just a bog standard teletext letters page, with comments and complaints about programs shown
on the Paramount Comedy Channel, it very quickly became an open forum for anyone to talk about anything.

I was one of the regular contributors to Mailbox, as Greg from Machester, then Gregarious Greg, and eventually
the name I've used on the internet for ages now, DJGM. So, do any other TVF members, remember Mailbox?

And even though Paramount Text is no longer with us, Mailbox continues on the internet here. A small
numb[er of the regulars from the old Mailbox still send messages in. I might even send in a message!

Slightly off topic, but does anyone remember L!VE TV's letters page on teletext?
marksi2,347 posts since 9 Feb 2003
james2001 posted:
I see their DOG's well positioned! On my TV it says "omedy"!

Is that your 14" Matsui portable you denied had too much cut-off?
mdtauk6,342 posts since 4 Jan 2003
The DOG is positioned wrong, it is in the cutoff area. they should angle the DOG like on the website.

I must say I dont like the logo or new look much. Its nice to see something unusual and different, but they could of used the cube logo...
rdd3,482 posts since 21 Jun 2001
rdd posted:
Though there's not much you can do with the Paramount Pictures logo and the word "Comedy"...

Turns out I was wrong. Very wrong. And not in a good way, judging from the paramountiscomedy.com website...

Have to see what its' like onscreen though.