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deejay2,800 posts since 5 Jan 2003
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Couldn't bear more than 30" of that video. The reflections of the lights in the screen are pretty woeful and the acoustics in that space are dreadful, but hey, this is probably not high on their list of priorites, selling the gear will be.

And what's a "bran new channel" by the way? (She said that twice within the 30" I watched...)
Two minutes regions...
JasonB4,898 posts since 20 Sep 2003
London London
Lisa Brash has resigned from this channel.

I'm not surprised, the people at shoppingtelly.com are still slagging off former sit-up channel presenters.

They're "broadcasting garden essentials until further notice while they come up with a new format" http://theoutletchannel.tv/tv-schedule/

Again shoppingtelly.com members really ripped in to the channel even before they went on air.
"623058 The whole thing has been a dump squirt."