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UTV Newsline
As was widely expected - although I think its the first time we've seen it on paper - the BBC are not replicating the 24 cable/satellite channels they provided in 2012. However each sport will be streamed online.

Hopefully, closer to Games time, they will really push the capabilities of Connected Red Button.

And the usual debate about staff numbers begins.

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The BBC coverage is never going to be as big as it was when we were hosting the Olympics. And it shouldn't be. It's Rio's turn now.
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BBC World News
The CBC set is very nice though. The logo annoys me though - feel the line should be slightly taller than the rings.

I remember reading the NBC Olympic branding guidelines that everything had to be equal height or width to the Olympic logo so that they'd both have equal prominence.

Here's an example from my local NBC affiliate whose been using their Olympic logo since September:

(It looks much better on air - this image came from their promotional site that's there for print and other publications to use).

In the example you can see that the logo is the width of the peacock - but not as high. This type of stacked logo is common for many NBC owned stations affiliates to use because the rings have to be by themselves. I don't know the technical design term but I would characterize my NBC stations non Olympic logo as nested into the 11. This is the stations typical logo:


My station started with the Olympic Rings a bit earlier than usual. Typically the NBC guidelines for the use of the rings for on air logos are the beginning of the calendar year for Summer games and September for the winter games. I think they may have gotten it screwed up as they started using it in September.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
a516digital is tweeting details of the BBC coverage:

Arrow BBC to broadcast 550 hours of Olympic coverage across BBC One and BBC Four, 3,000 hours across all platforms
Arrow Up to 24 HD streams from Rio 2016 - but this time only online / mobile platforms.
Arrow BBC Four to get extended broadcast hours during the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Arrow CBBC HD and CBeebies HD will have reduced hours on #Freeview HD around the Rio 2016 Olympics. Services continue as normal on Freeview SD.
Arrow Freeview: BBC Parliament will be off-air shortly before and after the Olympics. This coincides with parliamentary recess.

Article: http://www.a516digital.com/2016/05/where-to-find-olympic-coverage-on-bbc.html
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Watch it and find out.