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Oliver Postgate

(December 2008)

RJG Border (Scotland) Reporting Scotland
Oliver Postgate, the creator of Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss, Pingwings and Noggin the Nog, has died. Those of us who are longer in the tooth will remember all of these series fondly. They were from an era when children's television was limited, in the sense that both BBC and ITV broadcast about an hour or 90 minutes a weekday and less at weekends. But, if you think of the variety of programming from contemporary drama to animation to classic serials to comedy all geared to a British audience and made in the UK by both ITV and BBC , the current situation, even with dedicated kids' channels, doesn't compare favourably.
MalcyB London London
Recall some of his greatest work as many happy memories live on here:
and a complete guide to early childrens' Watch With Mother here:
Steve in Pudsey Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
A lot of his stuff is shown on Nick Jr and Nick Jr2 in the evenings.

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