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The old thread has been archived. A development in the long running Old Granada Studios story. It looks like the current owner wants to re-equip the site (after a fashion) so that it can once again host shiny floor audience shows. Presumably they’ve seen the obvious gap in the market for multi purpose medium sized studios and want to exploit it. Good for them. However, I’m slightly worried about the line where they say they want to keep it economical, and keep 4-wall spaces with facilities for multi camera tv productions as required. That sounds like drive-in arrangements to me, where the studios have no permanent galleries, just connectivity to the outside where an OB truck can be parked up when needed. Better than nothing though I suppose.

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The end of that article states the following:

"Also within Enterprise City will be a 200-bedroom hotel run by Soho House and a refurbished 1960s brutalist block, which will be reopened as the ABC Buildings, providing space for film, TV, media and tech companies."

So it looks like Granada House is being retained then.
deejay2,935 posts since 5 Jan 2003
Central (South) Oxford
They’ve not been used a great deal as far as I can tell under the current situation but that may well be because of an almost total lack of technical infrastructure. I think they’ve found most use as exhibition space, band rehearsal rooms etc.
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Just read this article about the Old Granada Studios.

At one stage, there was talk about all/part of Granada House becoming a bespoke hotel called something like the "(Manchester) Grande Hotel" (a name presumably chosen because at a quick glance "Grande" is similar enough to "Granada" to be misread). Is that no longer happening, then?

I liked the idea of red neon signage with almost-looks-like-it-says-Granada wording being restored to the Manchester skyline.
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