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Could be The Experimenter if it was live action.

I do recall another series which had two CGI aliens viewing everyday life on Earth from their spaceship but I don't know what it was called.

That's Tiny Planets. I Want a similar show with a UFO which was live action.

That doesn't sound much like Tiny Planets. They had a sofa, not a spaceship, and never explored Earth. It's possible msim has conflated it with something else, but I wouldn't presume to declare what he's thinking of based on that description.
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This is the first thing that came to mind, from Channel 5's Havakazoo.


That's not related to Noseybonk is it? Also. I don't think it was earth warp. It was a similar show that aired around 2003 on Cbeebies.

I Don't really know if it was Earth Warp or not. The UFO i saw in the show had a Toddler to Child-Like intelligence. It was non verbal and extremely curious. I Really think it was from the makers of Big Cook Little Cook.

Also i think it might have the letter ''Z'' in it's title. It had some CGI effects that were also in Big Cook Little Cook. Mainly 3D Objects that were displayed against a background. Like ''what instruments do we need to make this cake or for the band?''

Had to edit because i realized I Triple-Posted. Which is not allowed on any forum.
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Big Cook Little Cook is (or was) an in-house BBC Production, it would appear. Doesn't really narrow it down.

Having looked down the list of BBC children's programmes off Wikipedia, and your recollection that it has a Z in the title, narrows it down to... absolutely nothing that aired between 2000 and 2003 as a new series. Therefore it can only have been a repeat you saw.

Was it Space Pirates by any chance? That is set on a UFO, it aired on CBeebies but dates from 2007.

Of course the other option is that it was a film you saw.
Or a dream you had?