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(October 2004)

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tv_mad10 posted:
I T V 1 posted:
Was Ben and Jenni presenting aswell? Its the first time I havnt seen the final GMTV Today before Christmas for years, probably due being dissapointed by the graphics... Doesnt look like I have missed much then...

No, because there was no Entertainment Today. It was GMTV Today from 7:25-9:25

I asked because it said on the sky epg, something like GMTV Today special presented by Kate, Andrew, Ben and Jenni. I wouldnt have thought they would put that much effort into it anyway Very Happy
Square Eyes Founding member
Kate, Andrew, Ben, Jenni, Carla, Dr Hilary, John, Andrea and Richard Arnold were all on the sofa for the last half hour.

John Stapleton made an appearance on the keyboards at the end for Roy Woods annual appearance at GMTV.
Did anyone see that school choir on Thursday morning? They were fantastic not sure where they were from. They did Mary's Boy Child with a dance move that was really entertaining.
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
This week's GMTV Today has been presented by Andrew Castle and Kate Garraway. The News Hour has been with Andrew Castle and Jackie.

Andrew and Kate have managed to deal with the serious news well this week, with comprehensive coverage. Just as well Fiona wasn't on this week.

21 days later


Umm. Is this who I think it is?

Summat about students in Coventry, I wasn't really paying attention.
Oh God, I was waiting for that to turn up on here...

Anyway yes that is me - GMTV came round the Student's Union last night to interview students about the outbreaks of mumps taking place in various unis over the country - there's a jabbing session going on on Saturday at the local hospital for it and they wanted to urge students to get vaccinated.

Does anyone have it captured as I managed to miss it!
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
A slight presenting change. Carla Romano is becoming the new LA Correspondent, replacing Jackie Brambles who is coming back here

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