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(December 2018)

Caly123 Recently warned Wales Wales Today
MTV Rocks is listed on the EPG on SKY but is still playing VH1 Christmas output.

Although MTV Rocks is still branded on-screen as VH1 Christmas, it's not showing a Christmas schedule anymore. The schedule is currently more like VH1 Classic, with most of the schedule made up of "Every Number One of the 80s" and "Every Number One of the 90s", and then in the run up to New Year's, the schedule becomes more like that of VH1 before it became an entertainment channel, with programmes like "Every Number One of the 10s So Far" and "Official Top 50 Number Ones of the Noughties".

The only other music channel still using Christmas branding is Christmas Hits, which is continuing with a Christmas schedule until December 30th.

The Sky EPG has reverted Christmas Hits back to Chartshow Hits though.
james-2001 Central (East) East Midlands Today
Also to Now 80s has a graphic refresh which included a change of DOG with the iconic 80s NOW logo with the pig.

The iconic 80s logo only seems to be onscreen briefly at the start of each video - it's swapped for the previous Now 80s logo just after the song titles at the beginning of the video.

The new set seem smaller and much neater than the previous set. Now 90s is still using its old set but I imagine they'll be updated to match soon...

Notice that they now seem to have a clock on screen all the time too, again like Now 90s.

Though Now 90s has vanished from Virgin as the red button app you accessed it through on Clubland TV has gone (not that it worked half the time anyway).
MTV Rocks has reverted back to VH1 Christmas on the Sky EPG.

This makes sense as it's still branded on-screen as VH1 Christmas, with MTV Rocks programming due to resume tomorrow (can't really understand why it reverted back to MTV Rocks prematurely).

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