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I only looked at the gotcha.
It is self indulgent, dreadful stereotypes, not funny and just awful to watch.
The programme was definately on its way out at this point.

To be fair the ‘dreadful stereotypes’ was kinda the whole gag, the situation is meant to be ridiculous. I think the biggest problem with the gotcha is the lack of a sense of humour from the recipient.
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Yes the stereotypes are part of the set up, but it is tired and far too laboured.
It was obvious after the ceremony Trevor had done that he was also tired, and I can understand his lack of humour in the circumstances.
He is obviously a serious news man, and didn't want anything the destroy the personality that he had spent years carefully building up.
The main issue is that the set up is not clever or funny in the way that some of the earlier ones, or stunts that Game for a Laugh or Candid Camera had done.