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The real house at the start is an illusion killer. It's supposed to be a fantasy world. You're totally destroying the picture you're trying to paint in the viewers mind.
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I take it soap opera spoof comes in series 7? This is when house party stop being a proper comedy show, its now filled with Sport challenges , music and what the heck is the deal with Film review? This is the reason why S5 is held in much higher regards because most of series 6 was crap. I never really laughed at anything in this, at least there are parts of S5 where you can laugh and still enjoy stuff and where is the gunge???

Cash for Question wasn't a bad replacement, after 5 years of grab a grand,
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Hot House made very little sense as to the merit of testing sports stars against each other and also took way too long.

Noel's brother (i.e. Mr Blobby without the costume) was not funny.

Gunging half the audience completely unsettled them and Noel had lost them after that.

Cash for Questions was dire. How the person at home was meant to direct them when the cameras all kept moving and spent half the time pointing at a wall.

It's not at all surprising that this is where the series became stale. And yet strangely I'm quite intrigued as to really how stale it is going to become.
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Just watching this You Tube clip and read the comment...

"Second only to the time when Mr Blobby crashed through the front door on Noel's House Party, his head fell right off and he muttered "Oh sh...". That has NEVER been seen again since it originally went out live."

Anyone seen this anywhere?
Its on youtube that episode where he falls over at the door.
Its early on S3. Im sure we talk about this on this thread.
See thats funny not like series 6. Wink