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This looks cr*p cr*p cr*p.

Well... I'll reserve judgement until I've seen it but I can pretty safely assume this won't come close to the success of DonD.

Noel could still be tarnished goods as well. I still think the publics view on him is still quite negative regarding his comments on his endorsement of the cancer curing machine last year.
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It certainly looks 'unique' if this synopsis of next Friday's episode is anything to go by.

'It's the end of the week in Noel's Store. Three toilet seats provide a £2500 conundrum, Barry demonstrates his spider catching technique, Wayne Sleep calls in to complain and one couple try to stay in the game using their knowledge of animal dung.'

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The format is quintessentialy Noel Edmonds, looks like it's basically a daytime version of Noel's House Party wrapped around a gameshow, set in a shop instead of a house. From the video looks like future contestants are sat in the shop like DOND too.