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The news from ITN, with Rob Curling

(September 2001)

william Founding member
The first time I've watched the ITN News Channel for a while (1pm today). How long's he been doing this for?

I saw him a couple of weeks ago presenting on Sky Sports News - or is he doing both?

noggin Founding member
Yep - I saw him presenting on the ITN News Channel a few weeks ago, and also Sky Sports News in between.

Rob has also done presenting duties for BBC Wimbledon Interactive.

I think he must have gone freelance after leaving Newsroom South East (or maybe he was freelance even when at NSE, but just had a long term contract with Elstree...)
So, Rob Curling's moved on, eh, from the BBC? First I've heard about it.
noggin Founding member
Yep - Rob left Newsroom South East ages ago - may have been as long ago as January.

At one point, when NSE first re-launched in the corporate style they had two main presenters on set, and often a sports presenter as well, on the soft set . I think the sports presenter (and thus the soft set) left NSE before they went to single main presenter.

Presumably this was partially to prepare for moving to the tiny temporary set at MHS.

It is interesting that both NSE/LDN and SEToday are both single headed presentation wise - though obviously it allows a smaller set/studio, and fewer cameras are needed!

This is contrary to the BBC regional presenting guidelines advice - where it is stressed that two presenters are warmer and more viewer friendly than one. (Most BBC regional shows are double headed at 1830 - Wales Today, Newsroom SouthEast, South East Today and NorthWest Tonight are now the only ones that aren't? Reporting Scotland moved from single to double headed a while back)
The problem NWT have is that most of their presenters are men. I think they've only got two women and they're rare sights anyway!

Wouldn't surprise me if BBC MNCHSTR (i'm preparing for the future) try to poach Ms Meacock from Granada Tonight. That is unless Granada do something to Tonight, and fast.
mark Founding member London London
I think it should be presented by Martin Henfield and Nigel Jay - like 'vague news' on the Mark & Lard show... Wink
Martin Henfield is one of the best anchors in the country

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