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Steve Naylor
Yeah, I agree. I bet some of the News24 presenters have brilliant potential to adlib, do some chit-chat but they don't seem to be able to either because they are directly told not to or they think they shouldn't.

Changing the look to the current one with the generic enhanced that in my opinion and as people have said before having weather, sport, business at fixed points does seem out of touch with a rolling channel. Yes, have them in the schedule and try and put them at same point every hour but give them flexibility to scrap all that, be a bit late...

I do like BBC News but Sky News works much better as a 24-hour news channel in terms of presentation and appeal...

The BBC can do banter - Huw Edwards at Six, Sian Williams does at Breakfast and in regional news across the UK. It can't seem to master it on News24. But then again some people probably don't want banter...
Steve Naylor
Saying what!?
Gary136 posts since 24 Mar 2001
I think if they were going to change the presenter slots, then why not have a complete revamp of news 24, introducing a much better presentation technique.
dbfriends111 posts since 28 Apr 2001
RW posted:
dbfriends posted:
You missed the Peters - Dobbie and Coe

I know, there are so many presenters and not enough slots! In my schedule the two Peters would have weekend slots and stand in for other weekday presenters.

Wasn't sure what to do with Amroliwala though.

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Put Peter Dobbie on the 6?
ToM1 post since 14 Feb 2005 new member
I think Amroliwala should go on at 1 on BBC 1 (although most of you seem to hate him). Whenever the holidays are on I get bored stiff with Anna and George. He would be a breath of fresh air.
I like John Terret and Sara Coburn
Dolby Digital
A bit late here, I was thinking of just e-mailing to recommend new slots just to see what they would send back in the reply (if they would ever send one!)
Dolby Digital
Oh by the way there was a change this morning on News 24. Jane Hill was back in her original moring slot! with Bill!!

Brilliant (She alright in the afternoons but for some reason I prefer to wake up to her on the channel!)