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Has anyone got any things (eg Wallpapers, Screensavers, etc) related to BBC News and in particular, BBC News 24 that they would let me have/download?


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what a terrible picture of old Jeremy - how Channel 5 looking!
by the way - is it me, or behind the BBC News browser window is a browser looks quite suspicially like TV HOME!

You'll have to forgive my typing at the moment - and spelling. Im trying to find different ways of writing words quicker as i have 3 brkn fingers.
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techy peep posted:
the software is called ENPS.
Unfortunately, you can't buy it!

some would say you're lucky you can't buy it (ha ha)
It's called the Electronic News Production System ENPS. It was developed by the BBC in partnership with AP as a replacement for the very old system called BASYS.
AP now sell it around the world. I know that ITN also use it as well as a number of other news broadcasters around the world.
The BBC developed it as no one was making a system that could do everything the BBC wanted it to do.