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(July 2001)

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itsrobert Founding member
OK, as Asa has said, you will scare any BBC people away from the forum by constantly nagging them an accusing them of things. I have had complaints about this thread so I am afraid I must close it.

Thread Closed.
Still looks open to me! Smile
Square Eyes Founding member
Are we open again ?
Asa Admin
Just to add my worth's:

I've emailed the Beeb numerous times and initially received an auto-response followed a few days later by a personal response - including details about webdesign from the BBC News Online team which were very helpful!

I'm not sure who you think you are Chesh, but your rude and petty messages are not welcome on this forum. The people working at the Beeb, contrary to your own opinion, know more than you so either accept it or reply with decent messages. You've abused another two members on this forum, one caught in the crossfire and are walking a tightrope.


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