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Ive have caught up with it, What a pile of utter balderdash, the channel looks to be some sort of cover of the bad side of Tru tv, Sony crime channel, Your TV, CBS reality. Just filled with crap doc soaps of murders. The channel isn't worth squirt..

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Is there listings for the first day yet?


06:00 am
Sky Crime Coming Soon
12:00 pm
How I Caught the Killer
1:00 pm
How I Caught the Killer
2:00 pm
Border Security: Canada
2:30 pm
Border Security: Canada
3:00 pm
Border Security: Canada
3:30 pm
Border Security: Canada
4:00 pm
Stop Search Seize
5:00 pm
Road Wars
6:00 pm
Brit Cops
7:00 pm
Banged Up Abroad
8:00 pm
Fred Dinenage: Murder Casebook
9:00 pm
Britain's Most Evil Killers
10:00 pm
11:00 pm
TV MovieTales of the Grim Sleeper
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So is all that being moved from Pick, leaving it with basically only 60 Minute Makeover, or has the channel been created pointlessly and we'll be paying for content already on a free channel?

Guess content will be shared between Pick and the new channel. Last time I watched Pick was for Day 5 which isn't crime-related.
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I think everything is related to primetime, not so much minor timeslots, where everything is repeats of repeats

Obviously Sky felt these programmes would be obscured by American procedural dramas, on Sky Witness
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So it has replaced Real Lives, and SkySportsMix, Challenge and Sky Two have all shuffled down the EPG to allow it to go in at 121. However, Real Lives still had listings going up to at least 11 October when I checked yesterday.