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Yeah, I like that game too - it should've been running right now, but for obvious reasons it was postponed. It is nice to buy a Big Mac or a McChicken Sandwich and Fries (I often use vouchers from WHSmith or Stagecoach buses to get those for £1.99 - I wonder if such deals will still exist when things go back to normal?), and peel off a token on the fries package that gives you a free apple pie or drink. I never manage to get a set of properties though. I'm always missing at least one of each colour (and at least one of the four train stations) when the promotion ends.

I wonder if this fraud relates to fake property tokens, so people claim prizes they're not entitled to?
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Anglia (East) Look East
So History's website has been updated with the new Sky History logo and I spotted this logo for Sky History 2 on the TV guide.

And here's the new launch trailer for the newly-named channel

A great trailer for the "new" channel. Not sure about the History 2 logo. As JAS84 pointed out, I thought it would've been stylised the way they've written it. I wonder if the new History Channels will have permanent DOGs or if they'll disappear like the other Sky channels.